Credit Impaired

Have you had credit problems in the past or don’t fit the traditional lending criteria?

Well, don’t despair as there is a wide range of home loans and lenders available today. Even people who are ‘credit impaired’ can now apply for a home loan.

These loans, known as non-conforming home loans, are specifically designed to suit people who are self employed, credit impaired, contractors, seasonal workers, part-time workers or retirees.

How Non-Conforming Home Loan Works

Non-conforming home loans function like most other loans. Borrowers can choose from  from variable, fixed or split rate loans and also benefit from popular features such as line of credit, redraw and offset.

Nevertheless, as credit impaired and non-conforming borrowers are regarded as higher risk, most lenders charge a slightly higher interest rate and/or a higher fee structure than for traditional loans.